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 Lot title: Friends of the Sky

 Lot description:

Acrylic on canvas
100 x 160 cm (39.37 x 63 in.)
Executed in 2001
Signed ‘Molaeb’ on the lower right

 Provenance: The artist’s studio

 Literature and references:

Fine arts publishing, Jamil Molaeb a Self Portrait, illustrated picture in color, p. 92


Artwork note:

‘Friends of the Sky’ is a softly lyrical abstract painting that teeters on the brink of the non-figurative. It treats landscape more as an atmospheric dreamscape than as a depiction of the real world. Typically, it employs a family of hues – different shades of blue – to create a unified, powerfully evocative, color-induced mood.
At eye level, the sea gives viewers a sense of being recast as a bird. There is surprisingly little detail and a disturbing ambiguity about the size of the figures, yet visually we feel very close to these compositions.

Moaleb divides his painting into two panels separated by the glowing sunshine reflected on the crest of the waves, which veil a far away land. The blue sky, spreading from edge to edge and top to bottom, acts as a sounding board against which the two birds gain their resonance.

One particularly interesting aspect of the painting is the ‘ready to takeoff’ movement of the bird perched on the rock, suggesting the troubling feeling of the unaccomplished: here, the artist looks beyond the human realm and makes us realize how small we are in comparison to the vast universe.


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