Jamil Molaeb (1948)

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Jamil Molaeb was born in Baysour near Beirut and studied fine arts in Lebanon and Algeria before obtaining his Master’s degree in fine art and his PhD in artistic education philosophy in the USA. He taught at Ohio State University until 1988, when he moved back to Lebanon. He currently teaches art at the Lebanese University.

The following quotes are taken from the book, Jamil Molaeb, A Self Portrait:

“My father, who has a passion for music, decided not to make it his career because of social and religious disapproval; instead he became a house painter. In my free time, I helped him with his work and soon enough, paints and colors became familiar to me. The attic was filled with paints, and so my love for painting began.”

“ Through time, I absorbed information and knowledge in doses. My paintings shifted from copying the world photographically to composing original abstracted images. I relied during my studies on many sources and sometimes fell into periods of emptiness and total loss. Like every art student, I lived through the struggle between the inner accumulations of desire and personal experiences and the world of contemporary academic concepts of art.”

“The encounter between the pen and the body, between the spirit and the material, between the real and the imaginary and the magic of dreams, worries me. I feel that I have to rest, but I find no rest except in work, with the brush and canvas, with color, the chisel and wood.”

“ There is no rest for the body and soul of the artist except after the birth of another painting. I paint with ease. It is a process of sticking to the first impression, like the beginning of birth, childhood, play and joy, where the spirit lets go of its responsibilities and the body discards the weight of daily cares.”

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