Oussama Baalbaki (1978)

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Originally from Odeisse in South Lebanon, Lebanese painter Oussama Baalbaki was born in Beirut in August 1978. Since graduating in 2002 from the Lebanese University’s School of Fine Arts, he has been working mainly as a painter although in the past, he has taken on other work related to the art field. In 1997, he began drawing illustrations for several local Lebanese newspapers, like As Safir, and literary magazines, such as Al Gawoun. He has also designed book covers for several publishing houses, including Dar Al Intishar Al Arabi. Starting in 2000, Baalbaki also completed several decorative murals. In Lebanon, he painted the Mar Sawirious church in Mar Elias and the royal Bayan palace in Kuwait, in addition to murals in Qatar, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Baalbaki currently resides in Beirut where he continues to paint and perfect his craft.

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