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Lot title: Celebrating Autumn

Lot description:

Oil on canvas
100 x 75 cm (39.37 x 29.53 in.)
Executed between 1988 and 1989
Signed ‘Paul G.’ on the lower left

 Provenance: Private collection, Lebanon



Artwork note:

With its dominant red and flesh colored background, this painting pays homage to autumn, reading vertically as a ritual celebration. The domain of music and dance is represented through the tambourine player, the second figure from the right, while a ‘majestic’ woman with curly hair enters the scene at the left.

A close look at the canvas reveals the true dexterity of the different techniques utilized by the artist, giving us the sensation of being in front of a sculpture. Guiragossian alternates between using thick oil paint with the flatness of other areas, bringing to life a wildly animated shallow relief. The shapes appear in colored forms, arising out of the distribution of the brushstrokes themselves, which cluster and spread out across the surface. These figures contrast against colored areas, dividing the canvas into two horizontal planes: the upper consists of well-defined shapes with fine pattern carvings, while the lower part is very liquid and sort of fluid, as if there is something shifting in front of the eye.

While the brush is used in some parts as a paint mixer, with the bristles bringing together several colors to produce enriched hues, the dominant blue and white surrounding the scene as well as each individual shape give the ensemble a vibrating sensation. This draws attention to the tambourine player, so that we not only experience color and time, but also motion.

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