Willy Aractingi (1930–2003)

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Self –taught artist, Willy Aractingi was born in New York in 1930. He studied in Lebanon and France. Aractingi resided in France since 1975 and started to paint Les fables of Jean De la Fontaine in January 1989. He completed his colossal works of 246 paintings at the end of 1995.

Willy Aractingi died in Barcelona in June 2003. He had been so far the one and only artist who painted all La Fontaine’s fables with oil on canvas.

He exhibited his work in many places, to this point La ville de Thiais where was born La Fontaine as well as Air France, for three consecutive years, had spread all over the world his fables illustrated on their menus.

Moreover, Willy Aractingi is best known to be a fabulist through paintings that hold a great technique and a rich palette of colors.”

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