Yvette Achkar (1928)

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Since the 1960s, Yvette Achkar has been at the forefront of the Lebanese art scene and is still one of the most prominent artists in Lebanon today. Through her work, she has continued to show that experience in art is not simply the acquisition of technical skills, but also self-realization.

Born in Sao Paulo in 1928, she perfected her technique during a stay in Paris, and has since undergone alternating periods of total immersion in painting. Above all, she is an artist of unusual energy and natural instinct, expressing a paradox of sensations – including sobriety, debauchery, sound and color. Each painting speaks of a physical implication, a state of tension, a heartbeat suspended, abandonment of structure, form and rhythm, all of which are governed by a vigorous brush.

She has continued to pass on her knowledge as a teacher at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, where she has opened a window in terms of student creativity. Her art has been recognized around the world, with exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Brazil, Egypt, France and Germany, winning many awards, including the Unesco Prize.

Her work is best described in her own words: “Painting is like surfing, it is at the top of the wave and then a moment later in the hollow. There is no fear in these hollows, even when they never end. Instead, they balance the existence and release the artist’s imagination.”

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