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Lot title: Summer Day I

Lot description:

Oil on canvas
65 x 65 cm (25.60 x 25.60 in.)
Executed in 1992
Signed ‘Paul G.’ on the lower left

 Provenance: Acquired from the artist's family



Artwork note:

The pictorial space in this painting is drawn using vertical, dividing brushstrokes and flat, interlocking areas of brilliant color, including dabs of yellow, green, pink, orange and blue. It is clear that Paul Guiragossian’s objective was to achieve maximum overall intensity through the use of carefully pitched, contrasting colors. The paint marks – short dabs of bright hues – seem to have been hurriedly applied on the surface and made to swirl and mix with each other to produce a restlessly moving morass of paint that somehow manages to project the character of the subject. The paint almost seems to behave like dense clumps of flowers caught by a slight breeze on a blazing hot summer’s day. Not only is this piece surprising because of its overall brightness and luminosity, but also because of its daring, almost kaleidoscopic shifts in scale, hue and tonality.

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