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Lot title: Summer Day II

Lot description:

Oil on canvas
65 x 65 cm (25.60 x 25.60 in.)
Executed in 1992
Signed ‘Paul G.’ on the lower left

 Provenance: Acquired from the artist's family



Artwork note:

Although the technique used in this painting is similar to that of Summer Day I (lot 118), here, large, flat, contrasting areas of vivid pigment are augmented by small dark accents and linear arabesques. However, the beautiful, well-balanced colors and dividing brushstrokes do not reflect this painting’s true value. At the core of the piece, there is an incredible balance between risk and aggression. This duality is expressed through Guiragossian’s skillful use of color: while the painting starts from either end with relatively soft tones using a gentle palette of hues, when he reaches the figures in the center, the colors shift dramatically to a bold, somehow aggressive, red. He then takes his brush, makes a wide stroke and divides the painting with a striking blue shade that emerges as if out of nowhere – a brave move that if he did not get right, would have forced him to destroy the piece. Therefore, Guiragossian, in a way, places his own painting at risk, and only a truly proficient painter would attempt such a feat.

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